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We’re All In It Together

A stunning 33-track double-CD featuring some of Britain’s most renowned artists who have come together to “Protest and Survive” in the face of Con-Dem attacks and global recession.

We’re All In It Together is curated by singer-songwriter Michael Weston King and released on Red Planet Records.

CD 1: Protest

1. The Destroyers: Where Has The Money Gone?
2. Paul Heaton: Ladder’s Bottom Rung
3. Show Of Hands: Arrogance, Ignorance And Greed
4. Jackie Leven: The View From Shit Creek
5. Kit Clark: The Totalitarian Tip Toe
6. Thea Gilmore: Inch By Inch
7. The Travelling Band: Battlescars
8. James Yorkston: Doffing Mistress
9. Pete Molinari: Lest We Forget
10. Eddi Reader: Tomorrow Night
11. The Scaremongers: Long Ride Home
12. Vinny Peculiar with Luke Haines: My Generation (I Said Goodbye)
13. Robyn Hitchcock: Brenda’s Iron Sledge
14. Lau vs Adem: Ghosts
15. Martin George Stephenson: Look Sir
16. Michael Weston King with Al Cook: We’re All In This Together

CD 2: Survive

1. Pele (Ian Prowse): Fat Black Heart
2. Southern Tenant Folk Union: The Rights & Interests Of The Laboring Man
3. Phil Burdett: Heart Of The Social
4. Robb Johnson: Goodnight Jerusalem
5. Henry Priestman: It’s Called A Heart
6. Kathryn Williams: Smiles Or The Suits
7. Oliver James Lomax: Englands New Trinity Of Love
8. Peter Bruntnell: Tin Streamer Song
9. Jim Moir: One Note World
10. Boo Hewerdine: Quarantine
11. Reg Meuross: Victor Jara
12. Quiet Loner: Hide And Fear
13. Andy White: Gordon Brown
14. Clive Gregson & Christine Collister: Lost At Sea
15. Dean Owens: Take It Easy But Take It
16. Brian Denny: Empire’s Son
17. Three Blind Wolves: Three Blind Wolves