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Cosmic Fireworks (CD)

All CDs purchased directly from the Michael Weston King store will be signed.

A double CD containing 25 songs taken from the band’s four albums, along with three previously unreleased tracks. Beautifully packaged in digi-pack format, it features extensive liner notes as well as an illustrated discography along with rare and unseen photos. The perfect way to summarize the band’s career and musical output.

“An awesome collection, this ‘countryfied’ body of work might be the most previous rediscovery of the year!”
– Rolling Stone

The Leaving Time
Riding the Range
You Are Everything
God's Other Son
Watch My Dreamboats Sail
The Grass Has Grown Over
Straight to You
Closed for the Night
The Girl that Got Away
Angels in the End
The Sun Won't Shine Today
Cosmic Fireworks
Higher Ground
I Can't Cry Hard Enough
Both Sides of the Faith
Rush of Happiness
Tim Hardin '65
Reason to Live
Happy Infidels
I Can't Reach Him
Shake This Town
Sad Sad Truth
Someday Never Comes