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A Decent Man (CD)

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Released May 2003 featuring a new producer and new musicians, ‘A Decent Man’ proved to be a further step away from the world of alt. country and has been widely hailed as his finest album. Produced by Jackie Leven, it features nine stunning MWK songs, plus two songs by two of his fave all time writers, Neil Young and Pete Townsend.

“A guitar album of exquisite beauty and fine country-flavoured pop. His strongest work to date.”
– Daily Express

Celestial City
The Wooden Hill
A Decent Man
Love In Mind
Mother Tongue
High Days Holy Days
The Englishman's Obsession with America (Part 2)
When You Leave The Spotlight
Always the Bridesmaid (Never the Bride)
Where the Stars Don't Shine
Red, Blue and Grey