Michael Weston King

Selected Quotes

Like our very own Rodney Crowell
- UnCut
One of the greatest songwriters working at present.
- Feedback
Michael Weston King has a voice part Nashville balladeer and part Alt Country hero………a cross between Nick Cave and Rodney Crowell.
- The Independent
King is an exceptional songwriter.
- Paul Du Noyer, Word
MWK has entered the rarefied field of classic singer songwriters.
- USA Entertainment News & Views
In his craft and his perfections, MWK closely resembles Ron Sexsmith. A pair of insufficiently recognised performers who see no call to lower their standards
- Bucketful of Brains
As fine a singer songwriter as Gram Parsons
- Chris Hillman
King's song revive the lost art of songsmiths like Harlan Howard & Merle Haggard
- Manchester Evening News
King's mellifluous heart-on-sleeve-and-lump-in-throat vocals derive from George Jones by way of Elvis Costello
- The Irish Times

I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier

King restates one of contemporary music's most neglected values as a formidable instrument. 'I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier' wields a potent eternal truth. This is music of intelligent dissidence.
- Mojo
A harrowing and viscerally powerful statement, it's a magnificent achievement.
- Americana UK
One of the most eloquent voices of protest in recent times.
- Whisperin' and Hollerin'
'Hey Ma, I'm Coming Home' is simply one of the best protest songs ever written.
- Penny Black Music 9/10
Protest music for a new generation but as heart-felt as anything you will ever hear.
- Maverick 4/5 ****
Protest by pathos as well as passion - an excellent record
- R2 4/5 ****
Coherent, passionate and compelling - undoubtedly one of his best albums
- Lonesome HIghway
King’s album is well-nigh indispensable for fans of protest songs
- Penguin Eggs (Canada)
An impressive and necessary collection. His originals sit easily next to the classics
- Bucketful of Brains
An engaging, pointed set of protest song. Kings songs hold up admirably next to covers of Dylan, Ochs, Brownie McGhee and more
- UnCut
...a grace and dignity that's rare amongst contemporary performers. He has that rare ability to mix the personal with the socio-political and he always does it with poise.
- Whisperin' and Hollerin' - 9/10
King is on magnificent form throughout, sorrow, rage, hard times blues, he does them all to perfection.
- Americana UK - 8/10
A powerful and touching tribute to unsung heroes and forgotten ideals
- The Music Critic - 4/5
An album that pulls no punches, something special
- Soundlab - 7/10
There’s not nearly enough musical protest around these days but quantity isn’t everything, quality is needed too, and King has delivered that in spades.
- Americana UK - 8/10
Another potent, superbly performed and heartfelt offering from King
- MIke Davies - NetRhythms.co.uk 
If you want a worthwhile soundtrack to listen to as the bastards try to grind you down then you had better buy this album.It wont lessen the pain but it will strengthen your resolve. Batons anyone? 
- The Morning Star
A worthy successor to the fine tradition of protest songs, of Pete Seeger, Woody
Guthrie, and ramblin’ Jack Elliot.
- Sheffield Star
Simply one of the best singer-songwriter albums in recent times.
- Bert Van Kessel - iamericana.eu
'I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier' is a true classic.
- altcountryforum.nl
A pinnacle in the long career of the former Good Sons leader. 
- Bert Van Kessel - iamericana.eu
With his new album, Michael Weston King makes a powerful statement about the state of the world.
- Sheffield Star
12 songs of sheer power
- WrittenInMusic.com - 4/5
Even amongst so many fine songs and writers, the highlight is King’s own 'Hey Ma, I'm Coming Home'
- Bert Van Kessel - iamericana.eu
Quite possibly his best album ever. 'I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier'  is a  truly excellent record.
- Ctrlaltcountry.be - 4/5
King is an inspired singer, songwriter and interpreter of other people's material.
- M Music & Musicians (USA)
'I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier' deserves to raise King's profile much higher and place him on the platform he deserves...with Neil Young.
- Amplifier (USA)
Kings original songs are, as ever, reliably strong. An impressive collection.
- Acoustic Magazine (UK)

Crawling Through The USA

The sound of a man who remains at the pinnacle of his powers.
- R2 4/5****
A troubadour’s master class
- Whisperinandhollerin’ 9/10 **********
Less a live album, more a blog, but all the better for it. Includes his poignant cover of Townes Van Zand’s “Marie”
- Mojo
A 5 star performer going on 6 – Crawling Through The USA this is simply wonderful.
- music-news.com 5/5*****
King’s take on Townes van Zandt’s “Marie” shows a real feel for the hopelessness and despair of the story – a far superior reading to Steve Earle’s recent attempt.
- americanauk.com 4/5****
These songs ring with a poignancy and urgency that is both stirring and stoic.
- Goldmine USA 4/5****

Love’s A Cover

A beautifully packaged and lovingly annotated 15 track compilation of cover versions. An enjoyably diverse and thoughtful collection which pays unique tribute to a clutch of maverick talents who have all conspired to influence our hero along the way. It’s diverting stuff.
- Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ ********** 8/10
A collection of beautiful, off kilter material, all brought together by MWK’s elegant, subtle performances. Wonderful, in a way that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
- Maverick **** 4/5
What King does so well here is make a whole of disparate elements; it’s quite an achievement to make seamless transitions from ‘Alone Again Naturally’ to ‘Simple Twist Of Fate’ to ‘Love In Mind’.
- Bucketful of Brains
What makes this work, apart from King ‘s taste, is that he’s as phenomenal as a performer, as he is as a songwriter.
- 3rd Coast Music, Texas **** 4/5

A New Kind of Loneliness

A powerful work of unblinking emotional seriousness. Entombed in gorgeously sepulchral tunes, the effect is quite magnificent. King is indeed a special talent.
- The Word
Listen to A New Kind of Loneliness and you’ll hear a musician who’s risen above pigeonholing genres to produce an album categorised only by its sheer class.
- NetRhythms 5/5 *****
- The Daily Express 4/5 ****
- The Sun 4/5 ****
Another stunning record from Britains leading rocking singer/songwriter
- Maverick 5/5 *****
Given King was playing Alt Country in the UK before anyone knew what it was, it makes sense he’d be sharp enough to leave a sinking ship. With A New Kind of Loneliness he delivers classic orch/pop, singer songwriter and soul inspired songs of the highest order.
- Now Toronto ****4/5
A musically intoxicating cocktail , with deft arrangements and telling instrumental flourishes
- Mojo
‘It Will End In Tears’ could be one of the songs of the year so far, and the album that spawned it no less dignified or impressive.
- Scotland on Sunday 4/5 *****
‘A New Kind Of Loneliness’ is quite probably King’s very best album to date and one which (again) re-inforces his credentials as one of the UK’s very best singer/ songwriters.
- WhisperinAndHollerin 10 / 10 **************
A superb album, and yet another album of the year contender from MWK.
- Americana-uk ******** 8/10
‘It Will End In Tears’ , which – with its’ stung and bitten-off guitar and tormented lyrics (“And there was nothing I wouldn’t do/ I was totally consumed by you/ it will end in tears”) may well come to be viewed as Michael’s very own ‘I Want You’ in years to come.
- WhisperinAndHollerin 10 / 10 **************
Nowhere is his skill as a storyteller more evident than in the stunning Let The Waves Break Around Your Face. It would be unfair to give away much about it but if he never wrote another tune, this incredible fable of loss would still make him a songwriter with a capital S.
- Rock N Reel 4/5 ****

The Tender Place

The songs collected in The Tender Place are already enough to secure his reputation as a performer in the same league at Phil Ochs, Townes Van Zandt and Tim Hardin.
- WhisperinAndHollerin 10 / 10 **************
Every track is a gem. The Tender Place should be in the collection of every self-respecting alt. country fan, and every fan of superb writing and performing too.
- Americana-UK.com ******** 8/10
Buy The Tender Place and hear Americana redefined through a different sensibility and perspective, by a major talent.
- 3rd Coast Music, Texas **** 4.5/5

Absent Friends

Absent Friends opens with the all new ghostly ballad I Fall Behind, a song that you’d be forgiven for mistaking for a previously undiscovered Springsteen classic and which alone would be worth the price of the album. Sheer brilliance.
- Roots & Branches
MWK evokes the emotion of Springsteen and the troubadour spirit of Dylan whilst keeping his own powerful hold on every song. Great stuff.
- What’s On Birmingham **** 4 out of 5
Features the ghostly transcendence of I Fall Behind which is gearing up to become one of Kings greatest songs. Absent Friends captures the spontaneity, humour and emotional intrigue of MWK on any given night.
- Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ ******** 8 out of 10
A glorious collection, very different and very, very good.
- Maverick **** 4 out of 5
Prolific, personal and never less than skilful.
- UnCut ***3 stars out of 5
The truly exraordinary thing about MWK is the tightness and intensity of the focus he brings to bear on every track. An album of remarkable vitality and Weston King is never less than riveting.
- 3rd Coast Music, Texas ****4.5 out of 5

A Decent Man

His finest album yet, whose appeal unfurls with each play. The sound of a man who has distilled everything from his colourful career into a solid block of songs that resonate with assuredness, energy and depth.
- Comes With A Smile
A Decent Man is packed with good songs……romantic, a touch jaded, convincing.
- Mojo ****4 /5
Celestial City is a fuckin’ great song.
- Peter Case
There is intelligence and a sense of humour at work here that reminds us what a great songwriter MWK is. A Decent Man is a wonderfully adult riposte to all the banal drivel that constitutes the charts these days. Tie up the kids and make them listen!
- Hi Fi ********* 9/10
A Decent Man is a truly remarkable piece of work, the production is wonderfully inventive. Anything but “another singer-songwrter album”
- 3rd Coast Music, Texas ****4/ 5
A guitar album of exquisite beauty and fine country-flavoured pop. And the songs. . .well they’ve always been his strong point, every one’s a winner. A great British album that crosses all the boundaries.
- The Daily Express ****5/5
He’s quietly knocked out another masterpiece. A tantalizingly fine album, his third classic in a row.
- Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ *********9/10
Tales of small town importance and big city loneliness, self-delusion and riveting honesty. A resonant and vivid album.
- Logo
A hugely accomplished album. His strongest work to date.
- Americana-UK.com ****4/5

Live…In Dinky Town

One of Britain’s most eloquent singer-songwriters with a live selection of some of his most memorable songs performed in stripped down fashion. Live…In Dinky Town is achingly beautiful stuff.
- The Daily Express ***** 5/5
Live…In Dinky Town provides the perfect catalogue from which Nashville stars on the look out for a classy song can pick and choose. Sublime.
- Maverick **** 4/5
With King’s dusty Townes Van Zandt meets Daniel Lanois vocal timbre in fine form, on Live…In Dinky Town he strokes the star kissed desert night melancholia through a selection of world weary gems and, two of the finest yearning songs in anyone’s book, Beautiful Lies and Tim Hardin ’65.
- What’s On – Birmingham

God Shaped Hole

God Shaped Hole is real “Blood on the Tracks” stuff, Kings voice is superb. Utterly compelling and beautifully wrought, this is a masterpiece of sorts.
- Time Out
God Shaped Hole is a heavy duty emotional roller coaster, but a ride worth taking.
- Q Magazine **** 4/5
God Shaped Hole is an extraordinary, reflective exercise in self-examination. The songwriting is superb and the playing masterly. The spirit of Phil Ochs seems to pervade this album.
- Country Music International **** 4/5
Like Phil Ochs or Townes Van Zandt, King transmutes squalor and self-laceration into pure gold….his craft seems to thrive on adversity. God Shaped Hole never deviates from single-minded brooding intensity, and never once strikes a false note. A classic, but at what cost?
- The Times ****4/5

Cosmic Fireworks – The Best of The Good Sons

This ‘countryfied’ body of work might be the most precious rediscovery of the year!
- Rolling Stone
Cosmic Fireworks is a lavishly packaged and utterly unmissable legacy in compendium form from the band who must rate as England’s very own Uncle Tupelo. A truely thrilling collection. Re-issue of the year.
- Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ **********10/10
An awesome collection that can only make you want to search out the full original albums
- Maverick ***** 5/5
A celebration of one of our finest bands
- UnCut **** 4/5
Michael Weston King is an exceptional songwriter.
- Paul Du Noyer, Word
The British band that played alt.country before anyone knew what the hell it was. Had the Good Sons done this same thing across the Atlantic, they would surely have been acclaimed trailblazers.
- Americana-UK.com ******** 8/10


‘Happiness’ is a slice of quality, reflective, laid-back, semi-country class.
- The Independent
‘Happiness’ exudes a crystalline grace, resonating with Kings bell like vocal pealing and subtly – glazed arrangements.
- UnCut **** (4 stars)
If you are looking for happiness in the perfectly crafted song, you might just have found it.
- Classic Rock **** (5 stars)
Their fourth and best album yet. A tenderly wrought and affectingly realised work of honest emotion, once again highlighting Michael Weston Kings classy song craft.
- Time Out
A terrific selection of songs, their classiest album yet. ‘Tim Hardin ’65′ is a truly lovely song.
- Manchester Evening News

Wines, Lines & Valentines

Wines, Lines & Valentines is a unique achievement…..a British album that can evoke the late 60’s of The Band and also take on 90’s country rock leaders Wilco.
- Rolling Stone
These songs have a classic feel about them. the swaggering Mathilda recalls the Stones in their early 70’s country rock heyday while The Sun Won’t Shine Today is a sparing anthemic ballad.
- Hot Press, Dublin
The only British album in the top ten alternative country albums of the year and deservedly beating the likes of Son Volt and 16 Horsepower.
- UnCut
This is a big, open, emotive, crunchy-guitar, country-rockin rather fine third album.
- Mojo
The outstanding song Mathilda challenges The Band to re-write the weight.
- The Sunday Times
Lyrical songs with a fine eye for detail that trade in faded people imagery reminiscent of Townes van Zandt.
- Country Music International
A diverse collection of left-field barroom twang that will attract fans of Wilco or Georgia Satellites.
- Music Week
With Wines, Lines and Valentines the good sons finally keep the promise of becoming a great band….this album is a gem.
- Time Out
British roots country that could pass as austin originals, the good sons embrace the best of the Jayhawks, Green On Red and Gram Parsons and give it their own personality.
- Birmingham Post

The Kings Highway

Spine tingling, classic country melancholy. A record that brings goosebumps.
- Mojo

Singing The Glory Down

A unique achievement, an album that evokes the late 60′s of The Band yet can take also take on 90′s country rock leaders Wilco.
- The Sunday Times
‘The Leaving Time’ and ‘Gods Other Son’ are genuinely affecting songs. Neither songs would be out of place in the pomp of God’s chosen son Gram Parsons. There is no higher compliment to pay.
- Spins
Great themes of despair and classic country melancholy.
- Mojo
A collection of well-crafted songs that would do Bruce Springsteen proud. Endorsed by the vocal contribution of legendary Texan songwriter Townes Van Zandt. . . . .roots cred or what!
- Rolling Stone