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My Darling Clementine: Country Darkness, with Thanks from Us

12 Nov, 2020

Hi folks,

We hope you are all well and coping with the latest lockdown!  We also hope that our music is helping with that to some degree too.

The Album

Just sending you a short additional newsletter to say a HUGE THANKS for all the orders, purchases, streams, and downloads of the new album. It is very much appreciated

Thanks also for all your kind words – we are thrilled you are enjoying it so much. It is also getting plenty of praise in the papers and magazines too – see below

For those who have not yet heard it, or bought it, click here and enjoy.

And if you want to help try and move the album a little further up the charts then please go to ‘Amazon CD purchase’ here as priority (i.e. TODAY) Who knows where that will take us.  THANKS!

An Apology

We are afraid, that due to delays caused by the current pandemic, some orders were sent out a few days later than they should have.  We had to get more copies pressed and they took longer than usual to arrive from Holland.

We are very sorry for this but by tomorrow (13/11/20) ALL UK ORDERS should have landed and by early next week ALL OVERSEAS ORDERS will be there too.

For those who have experienced this delay we are truly sorry and have included a little extra something by way of compensation.

Your Help

A small favour to ask. When you have the time and if you have the inclination could you leave a review / rating on Amazon?

Would be much appreciated and helps spread the word.


If you missed the live stream with Steve Nieve on Sunday, you can still watch it over on both ours and Steve’s artist Facebook pages. Here are the links:

My Darling Clementine
Steve Nieve

The songs we played together were:

‘I Lost You’, ‘I’ll Wear It Proudly’, ‘Good Year For The Roses’, ‘The Embers & The Flame’, ‘Eugene’, and ‘Your Cheating Heart’

The MDC set kicks off about 25 minutes in and we were delighted to have our daughter Mabel join us for 2 of the songs also (Embers, Cheating Heart)

On stage

The live show and full band streamed concert, from The Met in Bury, which should have happened last Saturday (Nov 7th) will now happen on Friday Dec 11th.

We were so disappointed having to postpone again but, lockdown willing, it will go ahead next month. Original tickets are valid and new tickets can be bought here.

It has been a long time since the whole band played together and we just cannot wait.

OK, that’s all for now, told you it was short.

Keep enjoying the album, do spread the word if you are, and we will see you in person or via a screen on December 11th.

Yours in music, and gratitude,
M & L

The New Album Released Today: My Darling Clementine November Newsletter

06 Nov, 2020

Dear friends,

This newsletter will reach you just as we are heading into a 2nd full lock down here in the UK, and in many other countries around the world also.

Wherever you are, we wish you well and much strength to get through the coming winter.

These are difficult times for so many but one thing that does help us all, is music. It gives us such a spiritual lift and a distraction from the travails around us.

And we are hoping to provide such a lift for you with our new album, “Country Darkness.” 

What began life in March last year with a rendezvous in Trouville sur Mer in Normandy with Steve Nieve finally sees fruition today, Nov 6th 2020.

It features our re-interpretations of 12 of our favourite Elvis Costello songs plus a brand new song of ours called Powerless.

You can buy it, stream, download, watch it, lots of ways to get a copy. Hit this link and make your choice.

Here is what the press has said so far:

“masterfully cinematic interpretations”
-UNCUT 8/10

“Country Darkness finds the husband & wife duo covering neglected jewels from bespectacled band’s back catalogue with assistance from Attraction Steve Nieve… hooks sharp enough to ensnare”

“Superior, sweet and sombre collection of Costello country… My Darling Clementine (Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish) often strip these 12 EC covers to their very skeleton, embellishing only when absolutely necessary. In doing so, MDC emphasise the glory of the writing and the passion of the interpretation.”

“The contents were originally released as three 4 track EPs but “Country Darkness” brings them all together on one disc for the first time, giving discerning punters a heaven sent opportunity to sample the couple’s soulful re-imaginings of finely crafted gems such as “Why Can’t A Man Stand Alone,” “The Crooked Line” and “Stranger in the House.””

“What makes this collection so successful is that My Darling Clementine don’t over think things. There’s never a sense that they are trying to be willfully different. The material plays to their strengths as singers, which makes sense considering that Costello is one of the best writers of his generation. Bringing Nieve on board as their musical compatriot only adds to the success.”

“a hugely impressive album from My Darling Clementine and Steve Nieve. They have taken the incisive lyrics of a master songwriter and have re-fashioned them in their own , inimitable style. The combination of Elvis Costello’s songs and My Darling Clementine is irresistible.”

“a brave album to record; but one that makes perfect sense when you know My Darling Clementine AND Elvis Costello; it’s a three-way marriage made in Nashville Heaven; and of course Steve Nieve is the Best Man too.”

“heartstoppingly wonderful”

“The album is sublime, without doubt, akin to an artist stripping back to accentuate the attention of song-writing ability, the nimble expertise of narrative which flows through a country legend, like Wynette’s or Parton’s, can be seen, full-colour within Costello’s writing. Yet through the eyes of another, there is even more scope for alternative angles and interpretation.”

“this is an album that is a must for any fan of Elvis Costello, My Darling Clementine or country music in general.”

“phenomenal record”

“Country Darkness is an album of love graced with immense talent.”

For those of you who like your music on vinyl, the 3rd and final EP ‘Country Darkness Vol 3’ is also available now

Country Darkness Vol.3 was released on Oct 30th  and, like with Vol 1 and 2, it comes on 12 inch, limited edition vinyl.

It also comes with a stunning slip case to keep all three volumes together

If you have not bought any yet then you can buy all three, plus the slip case, as a bundle, here.

ON STAGE (and off)

And now the bad news.  Saturday’s show and live stream has fallen foul of the new lockdown. Once again we are defeated in our attempt to play live for you. But, it has been rescheduled to December 11th, and all tickets remain valid. Here is the link.

The show at Thornton Hough, that should have been on Oct 30th will also be rescheduled. As yet no date is fixed. Again all tickets remain valid  We can’t announce that exact new date yet as there is still uncertainty about restrictions but IT WILL TAKE PLACE.

What is 100% happening though, is, this Sunday, you can join us online, for free, performing a few songs with Steve via the wonders of modern technology. This will be available on his Facebook page from 9pm UK time.

A Message To You

For a limited period only (the new lockdown!) we are offering hand-written lyrics to any song of your choice, signed, personalised, dedicated to you or someone of your choice.

It can be a My Darling Clementine song or anything from our solo records. Full details here.

We are also using this “down time” to add more of our individual, solo back catalogues to the streaming site Bandcamp.

6 MWK solo albums are up there now for you to download or stream here. Lou’s solo output coming soon.



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That is all for now. Please stay safe, keep well, and enjoy the new album. We send our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Yours in music,
Lou and Michael