Michael Weston King

From Our Place To Yours – MDC May 2020 Newsletter

22 May, 2020

Hi everyone,

How’s lockdown life suiting you?

We are hoping we can come and share it with you on Friday if you’ll let us.


We are doing another Livestream show, playing from 10pm -11pm UK time. Here is the link:


We are going to play a few songs from Country Darkness Vol 1 and 2, some old MDC songs, a few choice covers too maybe, and anything else you want to hear.

So send us a request here.


Our new single, Different Finger, the first from the upcoming EP Country Darkness Vol 2, also comes out on Friday.

PLEASE head over to Spotify and pre-save – https://presave.to/pFRDB0018

We have a brand new, animated video created by Mark James. Hope you enjoy, and please share it far and wide.

Meanwhile the full EP comes out June 5th and there are various ways of pre-ordering:

For signed vinyl copies, order from our site

For the limited edition bundle offer of Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 + signed poster

For all streaming and download options

This new, 2020 tour poster, for the ‘tours that never were’, will be included, FREE, on all orders over £25. You can also buy it separately here.

Keep well everyone, stay safe, stay positive. We know how hard that can be at times but lets get together on Friday and have a good time

Our love,
Lou and Michael

My Darling Clementine – News from the Home Front – Spring 2020 Newsletter

01 May, 2020

Dear friends,

Firstly, we do hope you and your loved ones are doing ok in these trying times. What a state of affairs?

We are missing playing for you that is for sure. For musicians and music lovers alike, not getting out to perform, or to attend live shows is a big loss to both our social lives and our well-being.

By the time you receive the summer newsletter, let’s hope this has passed and we are once again within touching distance and in musical communion.



So, no shows for us (or anyone) right now.  But there is always on-line, right?

1. Here is a 30 minute set we did from home for ‘Americana Highways’ a couple of weeks ago ….and yes there is still time to use the tip jar!!

Another will be coming up soon, via the MDC Facebook page.

2. Here is a new song (sans Lou) written with the incredible NHS staff in mind. In fact, with all of the brave front line workers who are doing such an incredible job right now.

This short video clip (a spoken intro, the new song, then a little of something you may recognise)  is part of an on-going series of films / songs / messages under the banner of Artists4NHS instigated by the singer and songwriter Ronan MacManus and hosted by Switchbox TV.

No One Comes Close / For You

3. Check this out too –  something we did for the ‘Life Is A Minestrone’ website, to commemorate 50 years since The Beatles split:

Our live, acoustic take on Paul McCartney’s ‘Things We Said Today’

Hope you enjoy.

4. You can also still watch our BBC Scotland Quays sessions from January on the i-player. It is still streaming here.

The set list is:
Going Back To Memphis
Our Race Is Run
I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came (from Country darkness Vol 1)
Stranger In The House (from Country darkness Vol 1)
100,000 Words

As for actual, real, FACE TO FACE concerts.  For those of you who had tickets for shows, or had put dates in the diary to come and see us between March and June (well over 50 shows in Norway, USA, UK and Europe) we are re-scheduling these dates for later in the year and early 2021.  PLEASE keep checking the gig guide on the web site. All new shows will be posted up there ASAP.

Here is a poster from a show that should have taken place in Pomeroy, Iowa on April 16th. This will now happen on April 18th, 2021. The USA tour will run from April 1 – 20.



Even if we can’t tour, we can still release something brand new.

‘Country Darkness Vol.2′,  will be officially released on June 5th and, like with Vol 1, is available on 12 inch, limited edition vinyl and via all digital platforms.

The vinyl, which comes with a free download code, is available NOW for pre-order.

The EP is comprised of 4 more re-interpretations of songs written by of Elvis Costello, and again, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Steve Nieve.

As always, it comes in stunning artwork by Jared Swafford.


While you are pre-ordering the new EP, check this out too.

For a limited period only (lockdown!) we are offering hand-written lyrics to any song of your choice. These will be signed, personalised and dedicated to you,  or someone you know. It can be a My Darling Clementine song or anything from our solo records. Full details here.

We are also using this “down time”  to add more of our individual, solo back catalogues to the streaming site Bandcamp.

6 MWK solo albums are up there now for you to download or stream.

The album God Shaped Hole from 1999 is the first time we collaborated together. We did so again on A Decent Man and A New Kind Of Loneliness.

More will be added in the coming weeks, including all of Lou’s solo releases.

For all Spotify users, you can also stream all of the MDC albums here.



These sad times have brought many a life to end prematurely, including a number of our music community

Arguably one of the finest songwriter of any era, the great John Prine sadly succumbed to Covid19. We are both huge fans of Johns’ music and he has been a great influence over the years. You can hear us play his song I Have Met My Love Today by way of tribute to him in the Americana Highways house on-line show. While since January we also lost fellow musicians, songwriters, and friends David Olney, Eric Taylor  and Terry Clarke.

If these name are not immediately familiar to you please go and find out more about them. If you are receiving this email then you are a fan of ours and consequently we are confident you will also find something to enjoy in the music of David, and Eric and Terry.  Michael toured and collaborated with all three in his pre-MDC days.

Also leaving us in recent weeks, one of Britain’s greatest all round entertainers, the brilliant Roy Hudd. In her former life as a professional dancer Lou worked with him on a number of occasion. A true gentleman.

Michael on stage in Paris with Terry in 2006


Lou with Roy Hudd, mid 80’s


STAY IN TOUCH (but don’t come too close)

Don’t forget to follow us on social media too. Give us a ‘follow’ or a ‘like” as we share further news on our upcoming release Country Darkness Vol 2… and as work starts on Vol 3.

That is all for now, so please stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you all, in person, in the near future.

Our love,
Lou and Michael