Michael Weston King



Year Title Label
1983 Four Play (cassette only) Own


Year Title Label
1984 Paper Doll KC(KC001)
1985 The Novelty Wears Off KC(KCT1)

Gary Hall and The Stormkeepers


Year Title Label
1991 Wide Open To The World Run River (RRA0015)


Year Title Label
1991 Jesus Christ / Lighten Up Your Load Suzanne Run River
1992 Where The River Meets The Sea (EP) Ammi / Freestyle (CDAMMI102)

The Good Sons


Year Title Label
1995 Singing The Glory Down Glitterhouse (GRCD 379)
1996 The King’s Highway  Glitterhouse (GRCD 402)
1997 Wines, Lines & Valentines  Glitterhouse (GRCD 427)
1998 Angels In The End (U.S. Release) Watermelon/Sire (WM CD 10 68) 
2001 Happiness Floating World (FW009)
2004 Cosmic Fireworks - The Best of The Good Sons Phantasmagoria Records (Melinda 803)


Year Title Label
1994 The Good Sons (EP - cassette only) Own

Michael Weston King


Year Title Label
1999 God Shaped Hole Glitterhouse (GRCD 463)
2002 Live...In Dinky Town Twah! Records (Twah!121)
2002 Live...In Dinky Town Floating World (FW 010)
2003 A Decent Man Floating World (FW 016)
2004 Absent Friends MurderedWithKindness (MWK001)
2005 The Tender Place Phantasmagoria Records (Melinda 811)
2006 Love’s A Cover Glitterhouse (GRCD 657)
2006 A New Kind of Loneliness (US version) Poptown Records (703071001623)
2007 A New Kind of Loneliness (European version) Floating World (FW 031)
2008 Crawling Through The USA Valve Records (Valve 8087)
2010 I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Valve Records (Valve 2787)
2010 Forgetmenots MurderedWithKIndess (MWK002)


Year Title Label
2003 Celestial City Floating World (FW024)


Year Title Label
2005 OBS 8 - A' la carte - Various artists,   features Michael Weston King & The Decent Men live at OBS festival Beverungen, Germany June 2004, performing High Days, Holy Days Glitterhouse
2007 The Crowning Story  (“From A Good Son to A Decent Man’)  Michael Weston King -1995 - 2005......a career retrospective Borderdreams / Dock
2010 Live in Hamburg - Michael Weston King sings the songs of Townes Van Zandt Bootleg

My Darling Clementine


Year Title Label
2011 How Do You Plead? Drumfire Records
2012 How Do You Plead? (N. American release) Five Head Entertainment
2013 How Do You Plead? (12" Vinyl only) Plane Groovy
2013 The Reconciliation? Continental Song City/CRS
2013 The Reconciliation? (N. American release) Five Head Entertainment
2013 The Reconciliation? (12" Vinyl only) Plane Groovy
2014 The Lucky Bag (10" Vinyl only - Record Store Day Release) Plane Groovy
2014 The EP Collection (N. American release - blue vinyl) Lanark Records
2015 The Other Half (CD) Little,Brown / Hachette
2016 The Riverbend EP (10" Vinyl Only - Record Store Day) Plane Groovy
2017 Still Testifying (CD, download) Continental Song City/CRS
2017 Still Testifying (12’ Vinyl) Plane Groovy
2019 Country Darkness Vol. 1 (CD / Download) Fretsore Records
2019 Country Darkness Vol. 1 (12" Vinyl) Fretsore Records


Year Title Label
2012 100,000 Words Drumfire Records
2012 I Bought Some Roses Drumfire Records
2014 No Heart In This Heartache Continental Song City/CRS
2014 King Of The Carnival / No Matter What Tammy Said Continental Song City/CRS
2014 Miracle Mabel / Our Race Is Run Continental Song City/CRS
2015 As Precious As The Flame Little,Brown / Hachette
2017 The Embers & The Flame Continental Song City/CRS
2019 Heart Shaped Bruise Fretsore Records
2019 Stranger In The House Fretsore Records


Year Title Label
2015 Matinee Idle - collection of promo videos and live, in-concert footage Heartache Pictures

Other Albums

Year Title Label
1995 Out of the Blue Vol 1 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features Gods Other Son (The Good Sons)
1996 Out of the Blue Vol 2 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features  Riding The Range  (The Good Sons with Townes Van Zandt)
1996 Out of the Blue Vol 3 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features  Higher Ground  (Michael Weston King & Phil Abram - acoustic version - previously unreleased.)
1997 Out of the Blue Vol 4 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features  Straight To You  (The Good Sons)
1997 HMV’s Alternative Country (RTMCD 997)
** Features Angels In The End (The Good Sons)
1998 Out of the Blue Vol 5 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Michael Weston King & Phil Abram recored live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam)
1998 Have One Glitterhouse (GRCD 425)
** Glitterhouse compilation. Features Mathilda (The Good Sons)
1998 Down On The Farm (DOTFPROMO 3)
** Features Fade Away  (The Good Sons)
2000 Out of the Blue Vol 7 Glitterhouse
** Glitterhouse compilation features  Lay Me Down  (Michael Weston King)
2000 Come Fly With Us Glitterhouse (GRCD 466)
** Glitterhouse compilation (GRCD 466) features Lay Me Down  (Michael Weston King)
2000 Seka Sister Vol 2 Twah! 155/EFA 61115-2
** Features  Sad, Sad Truth  (The Good Sons) - previously unreleased.
2002 Chooglin’ -  A Tribute To The Songs Of John Fogerty Drenrecords (DNCD018)
** The Good Sons perform Someday Never Comes
2003 Floating World Records sampler
** Features Celestial City (Michael Weston King)
2003 Seka Sister Vol 3 (Twah!)
** Features I Fall Behind (Michael Weston King)
2004 Floating World Records sampler
** Features I Fall Behind (Michael Weston King)
2004 Nevermind  - Glitterhouse is 20 (GRCD 617)
** 20th anniversary celebration album Glitterhouse compilation features Riding The Range  (The Good Sons with Townes Van Zandt)
2005 Hardcover University - Phantasmagoria Compilation Vol 1 Phantasmagoria / Melinda
** Features Happy Infidels (The Good Sons) and Simple Twist of Fate (Michael Weston King)
2005 Dylan Covered
** Mojo Magazine Bob Dylan tribute cover mount cd features Simple Twist of Fate (Michael Weston King)
2005 Songs From Hell’s Ditch Vol  2
** Features Lay Me Down - resurrection version  (Michael Weston King & The Decent Men)
2005 Friends of Americana UK Vol 2 No. 11
** Features Celestial City (Michael Weston King)
2006 Revolver Reloaded
** Mojo Magazine Beatles tribute cover mount cd features For No One (Michael Weston King)
2006 The ARC Classics - COUNTRY (AMC CM 0906)
** ARC Music Group sampler, (promotional use only) features God’s Other Son (The Good Sons). Also features One Bar Town’s version of Help Me Find. 
2006 Northernline - The British at NXNE Invisible Hands Music
** Features The Last Hurrah (Michael Weston King)
2006 Mr Music Country Vol. 8 (MMCD325)
** Features My Heart Stopped Today (Michael Weston King)
2007 UN-HERD Vol. 3
** Rock n Reel cover mount cd features It Will End In Tears (Michael Weston King)
2007 Old Wines New Skins (Dusk Fire Records)
** MWK contributes his version of the trad. folk song What Is The Life Of A Man to the CD which accompanies the book
2008 Moseley Folk Festival 2008 - Anthology
** Features My Heart Stopped Today  (Michael Weston King)
2009 Sacred Songs For Worrying Times (Righteous Records - Psalm 23:9)
** Features I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore (Michael Weston King)
2010 Unusual Suspsects - Valve Records compilation (Valve 2187)
** Features live performance of No More Songs
2010 One Stop Shopping  - Rich Olga Publ. compilation (R0l-10-1)
** Features Here’s The Plan and It Will End In Tears (Michael Weston King)
2010 Riding The Range - The Songs of Townes Van Zandt (Righteous Records - Psalm 23:47)
A Townes Van Zandt tribute album on Righteous/Cherry Red. The only release to date to contain Townes' version of Michael’s song Riding The Range on cd. Also includes MWK performing Townes song Marie.

A percentage of all sales goes to support the QE2 Activity Centre which caters for people of all ages with learning and physical disabilities.

2010 UN-HERD   Vol. 16 - Issue 24
** Rock n Reel (R2) cover mount cd features It Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier (Michael Weston King)
2012 We ‘re All In It Together Red Planet
** V.A. Fund -raiser cd for The Morning Star. Features We’re All In This Together (Michael Weston King with Al Cook)
2012 Deep Down Blues 2 (NLM 205)
** Released in Italy Features High Price Blues (Michael Weston King)
2012 UN-HERD Vol. 30
** R2 magazine Features Reserved For Me and You (My Darling Clementine)
2012 Yellow Submarine Resurfaces
** Mojo magazine cover mount CD. Features It’s All Too Much (My Darling Clementine)
2012 Now Hear This
** Word magazine cover mount CD Features 100,000 Words (My Darling Clementine)
2013 Live From The Barn, 2012, Maverick Festival
** Compilation CD. Features Going back To Memphis (My Darling Clementine)
2013 The Golden Demon - New Songs About Chaos & Transition (Hemifran Records)
** Compilation, features I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier’ - Ghostwriter re-mix. (Michael Weston King with Ghostwriter)
2013 Song of love, heartbreak and revenge - “Classic Rock presents COUNTRY”
** Magazine cover mount cd features No Heart In This Heartache (My Darling Clementine)
2014 Weltenklang - The First 20 Years
** Austrian booking agency boxed set compilation features Mathilda (The Good Sons)
2015 Bear Family Records 40th Anniversary
** Compilation album features Yours Is The Cross That I Still Bear (My Darling Clementine)
2016 Blonde on Blonde Revisited
Mojo Magazine mount CD & vinyl. Features Pledging my Time (My Darling Clementine).
2017 Won’t Be Home For Christmas (Hemifran Records)
Compilation album features Miracle Mabel (My Darling Clementine)
2018 SINGING THROUGH THE WALL - Songs For Western Sahara (Club 44 Records)
Compilation album features In Time (Michael Weston King)
2018 Music Minds (Fretstore Records)
Compilation album features This Man Can Break (Michael Weston King) and Gold (My Darling Clementine)
2018 Do You Remember? - The James Lyons Project (Bad Press Recordings)
Compilation album features Poem 1916 (Gigantic Days) (Michael Weston King)
2019 UN-HERD Vol. 78
Features I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came (My Darling Clementine)
2019 Won’t Be Home For Christmas - re-issue (Hemifran Records)
Compilation album features Miracle Mabel (My Darling Clementine)

Guest Appearances

Year Album Artists Label
2001 Creatures Of Light and Darkness Jackie Leven Cooking Vinyl (COOKCD 213 )
** MWK contributes backing vocals on The Sexual Loneliness Of Jesus Christ and Wrapped up in Blue
2002 Whatever It Takes Rich Mason Disques de Rien (Rien 0080)
** MWK contributes lyrics and lead vocals on Swing
2004 A Tribute To Frankie Miller Various Artists Eagle Records (ETGBX227)
** MWK contributes guitar and backing vocals on I Would Gladly Go Blind
2005 Elegy for Johnny Cash Jackie Leven Cooking Vinyl (COOKCD331)
** MWK contributes guitar and backing vocals on I Would Gladly Go Blind
2005 Live at Union Chapel, London Townes van Zandt Tomato (TOM-3019)
** MWK writes the liner notes
2007 Homesick For Nowhere Hobotalk Glitterhouse (GRCD 660)
** MWK contibutes backing vocals on Me Myself
2009 Balance Chris Laubis Poptown 703071002026
** MWK contibutes backing vocals on Feelin’ Alright and Lady Madonna
2019 I’m a song, I’m a story, I’m a ghost Paul Sanchez Paul Sanchez Music
** MWK contributes backing vocals on Bayou Road



Year Title Label
2005 Beautiful Lies....The Songs of Michael Weston King (Songbook) Twah! Publishing
2006 Cookin - Fund Raising For Special Needs Information Point - SNIP (Cookbook)
2007 The Folk Handbook Backbeat Books
2011 I’ll Be Here In The Morning - the songwriting legacy of Townes Van Zandt


Contributor of articles, features and reviews for The Independent, Country Music International, Maverick, Get Rhythm.
Liner notes written for Townes Van Zandt Live at Union Chapel, London 1994 (Tomato Records)

Other Artists

Year Notes

Riding The Range  appears on Rear View Mirror performed by Townes Van Zandt with The Good Sons (Normal203)


Watch My Dreamboats Sail appears on From These Hills by Carolyn Hester (RGFCD 033)


Riding the Range appears on the 7” vinyl single EP entitled Riding the Range by Townes Van Zandt (Exile Records-Ex 7013)


Songs for the Next Generation: ARC Music Group, promotional use only. A collection of 17 cover versions of songs written by MWK.


Tim Hardin 65′ – Christine Olhman and Andy York
The Grass Has Grown Over – Dave Hawkins
Always The Bridesmaid – The Reveres
Watch My Dreams Boat Sail – Carolyn Hester
35 Regrets – Captain Tractor
Mathilda – Duane Jarvis
God’s Other Son – Michael Hamilton
Lay Me Down – Terry Lee Hale
From Lover’s Lane To Liverpool – Vinny Peculiar
Fade Away – Markus Rill
I Fall Behind – Dean Owens
Beautiful Lies – John Howard
Reserved for a Me and You – The Rizdales
Help Me to Find – One Bar Town
My Heart Stopped Today – The Watchman
Cosmic Fireworks – Lou Dalgleish 


Lost  appears on Songdust 3 by Rich Mason (Disques de Rien,  Rien0096)


Fade Away appears on Bag Of Tricks by Markus Rill (self released)


Beautiful Lies appear on Making Tracks – Curios & Collectables 2001-2009 by John Howard (kid1015)


Songs from a new generation – The songs of Michael Weston King

A collection of MWK songs as recorded by other artists. This cd was put together for the industry only and is not available to buy… although there may well be some copies out there, somewhere.


WE’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER – Various Artists

Compiled and curated by MWK as a fund raiser for The Morning Star newspaper. All the songs have a similar theme, the state of the nation under the then coalition Tory/Lib-Dem Government. And just a relevant now, if not more so

Copies still available from http://shop.morningstaronline.co.uk/node/129


Tim Hardin ’65, re-titled Dream With Me (Tim Hardin ’65) appears on Lonely Tonight by Chris Laubis


Bayou Road (co-written with Paul Sanchez, Tiff Lamson and Josh McClorey) appears on I’m a song, I’m a story, I’m a ghost by Paul Sanchez