Michael Weston King

Michael Weston KingMichael Weston King is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s very finest singer songwriters. Admired by the likes of Chris Hillman, Ron Sexsmith, Jackie Leven, and the legendary Townes van Zandt (who recorded one of his  songs), Michael’s influence is wide, from Country to Soul, from Gospel to Blues, from Pop to Folk.

He is the former leader of U.K. Alt Country pioneers The Good Sons, with whom he made 4 critically acclaimed albums in a seven year career, which was celebrated by the double album, Cosmic Fireworks-The Best of The Good Sons (1994-2001), while 2014 (20 years after the band formed) will see the re-issue of all 4 original albums in a box set.

MOJO Magazine wrote “The band who must rate as England’s very own Uncle Tupelo.  A truly thrilling collection.”, while Americana UK said “The British band that played alt. country before anyone knew what the hell it was. Had the Good Sons done this same thing across the Atlantic, they would surely have been acclaimed trailblazers.”

For the past 12 years he has been a solo troubadour, touring all over the world, performing with the likes of Nick Cave, John Cale, Roger McGuinn, Steve Earle, Guy Clark, America, Chris Hillman, Nils Lofgren, Ron Sexsmith, Arlo Guthrie,  Steve Forbert, Son Volt, and many more, and releasing 7 studio albums, 3 live albums and a career retrospective DVD, The Crowning Story, along the way.

“Michael Weston King has a voice part Nashville balladeer and part Alt Country hero………a cross between Nick Cave and Rodney Crowell.”

“Like Tim Hardin, Phil Ochs or Townes van Zandt, King transmutes squalor and self-laceration into pure gold.”

Michael Weston King (Austin, Texas, March 2013)Many different artists have recorded his songs, while a number of his songs have also been used in TV shows in America and Germany.  Beautiful Lies, a songbook of his work, was published in 2005,  Happy Infidels, a play by the Irish writer Brian Richmond, was based around 12 of Michael’s songs, and he is currently working on a book about some of the greatest ‘lost’ songs of the past 40 years.

A solo retrospective collection, The Tender Place, was released in November 2006, while his 2007 studio album, A New Kind of Loneliness including contributions from Chris Hillman, Ron Sexsmith and Jackie Leven, was met with high critical acclaim, and was widely hailed as his best album to date;

“A powerful work of unblinking emotional seriousness.  Entombed in gorgeously sepulchral tunes, the effect is quite magnificent. King is a special talent.”

“MWK has entered the rarefied field of classic singer songwriters.”

His 2008 live album, Crawling Through The USA, recording during a grueling tour of N America, perfectly showcased the man alone, with just his guitar and songs for company.  The album features Michael’s stunning interpretation of the Townes Van Zandt song, “Marie.” The accompanying video perfectly captures the mood of the song, and was nominated for awards in the UK

2010 saw Michael address the serious issues facing everyday people in such difficult modern times, when he released his latest solo album, I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier, an album made up entirely of Protest songs.  Some new, some old, and some going as far back as the 1900’s.

“I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier wields a potent eternal truth. This is music of intelligent dissidence.”

“A harrowing and viscerally powerful statement, its a magnificent achievement.”

“Hey Ma, Im Coming Home is simply one of the best protest songs ever written.”

“Protest music for a new generation but as heartfelt as anything you will ever hear”

“Protest by pathos as well as passion – an excellent record”
R2 (4/5)

My Darling Clem promo 2Following it’s release Michael appeared at many protest festivals, political rallies, and human rights events in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, N. America and, in May 2011, played his first ever concerts in China.  He also curated a fund raising album for the British newspaper The Morning Star entitled We’re All In It Together, featuring 33 of Britain’s finest musicians and writers.

Nov. 2011 saw another musical departure, for MWK,  with the release of an album of pure, country duets, recorded with his wife Lou Dalgleish, under the name of  My Darling Clementine.  Entitled, How Do You Plead?, it took the Country / Americana world by storm. It garnered incredible critical acclaim, the debut single, “100,000 Words” became a BBC Radio 2 hit, and the band and album went on to win awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

“13 all-new duets that carry the sting of authentic country classics. Just wonderful!”
UNCUT (4/5)

“This is a truly great album”

“Every song could be mistaken for a classic Nashville standard. You could easily imagine it topping the country charts in the ‘50s or ‘60s”

“There are songs here George and Tammy would have wanted to record.”
COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE (5/5)  – Album of the month

“These tales of love and loss sound like forgotten country classics”
THE SUN (4/5)

“How Do You Plead?” –  the most exquisitely pained American country albums of the year comes from this British couple”

“A baker’s dozen of originals that sound like they came straight out of the June/Johnny-Emmylou/Gram-Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood catalogs. This is as authentic as anything out of Nashville or Texas..A batch of superb C&W corkers.”

With his solo career on the back burner, numerous tours and festivals followed from 2012-2014 for MDC while the new album, The Reonciliation? garnered even further acclaim upon it’s release in Oct 2013.

“A phenomenal piece of work”
COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE (5/5) – Album of the year

“Finely written studies. Original and inventive”

“An instant classic”
MAVERICK (5/5) – Top 10 albums of the year

“More terrific countrified thrills – On this form, it’s a winning formula that looks set to run and run.”
UNCUT (8/10)

“A brand new vintage classic. Exceptional”

2015 Michael will begin work on a new solo album, The Struggle with solo shows in Europe, the USA  and the UK interspersed within his increasingly hectic touring schedule with My Darling Clementine. November 2014 sees the launch of a new collaboration with crime writer Mark Billingham (The Other Half), while a new MDC album is being readied for release in 2015, and a book of MWK lyrics is also due to be published in the new year.