Michael Weston King

The Refuge of the Road – The My Darling Clementine Autumn Newsletter

26 Sep, 2017

Hi everyone,

Michael here, writing to you from the ancient Norwegian town of Halden.

I am out here for some solo shows while Lou is at home packing boxes, or at least pointing and directing overall-clad men who are packing boxes.

Yes, we are on the move, heading north from Birmingham to the great city of Manchester, which goes someway to explain why we have not been so proactive on stage over the summer.

But we will be fixing that later this month and into October with a run of shows in Germany, Austria, one in Holland and then 4 in the UK.

We then return to The Netherlands in November, from the 4th -12th, including a collaboration with the great Dutch photographer Marco Bakker in Edam on Nov 12th. This is both a gig and a photo exhibition. Marco took the fabulous photos that feature on the album.

Details of all shows and how to get tickets can be found here.

Many of these shows will be acoustic duo shows but Lou and I will be joined by various amazing players in Glasgow, Harrogate and some of the Dutch shows

AND DON’T FORGET – If you want to see My Darling Clementine play in your part of the world, please get in touch. We can arrange something directly with you or in conjunction with a venue near you.  Contact us via our website, or our Facebook page, or on Twitter.


We are delighted to announce a brand new video for the song “Yours Is The Cross I Still Bear”

Once again it has been put together by our good friend and colleague John Humpheys, this time using selected footage from his brilliant 2015 film Numbskull, and features our much-missed and wonderful friend, the actor, musician and all round renaissance man, Paul Murphy: https://youtu.be/sdd9tPHL31w.

Enjoy, and please share. We would love for as many to see this as possible.

To watch the full film of Numbskull go here,


Please tune in on Monday, September 25th, 4pm, on BBC Radio 4 when Lou and I join Mark Billingham and others to discuss the late great Hank Williams, talking about his life, his music and his demons.  We will also be singing. As a taster, you can listen now to the My Darling Clementine version of “Your Cheatin’ Heart”


Great reviews continue to come in for the the new album “Still Testifying”.  The latest from 2 wonderful Irish webzine, Lonesome Highway and Whisperin’ and Hollerin’.

Here in the UK the current issue of Country Music Magazine carries a 4/5 review and an interview, and RnR (Rock ’n’ Reel) also has a 4/5 review. There are also more articles and interviews in the next issues of RnR (Rock ’n’ Reel), Record Collector and on Americana-uk.com

Over in Germany, Soul Train (among many others) has had great things to say about “Still Testifying” and in The Netherlands too: https://www.bluesmagazine.nl/recensie-my-darling-clementine-still-testifying/


If you don’t have the album yet, there are various ways to got hold of your copy. Just hit this link and take your pick. Thanks for all your kind words about it – do keep them coming.

And which ever way you buy the album we would love it if you could leave a comment on the album page on Amazon.

Thanks everyone – we will see you on the road this Autumn.

Upcoming Shows and “Still Testifying” Reviews

30 Aug, 2017

Next week Michael returns to solo work with shows in Norway and Denmark, including 3 appearances at the Kristiansand Protest Festival.  Full details here.

Meanwhile, great reviews continue to come in for the the new My Darling Clementine album “Still Testifying”. The latest from the wonderful Irish website Lonesomehighway.com

“King & Dalgleish have now reached a place where their male/female interaction could easily be listed with the best duos of the past”

“That this album was produced and played in the UK is, in itself, a testament to the fact that world class roots music is being made in these Isles and so should not simply be seen as a good album from ‘this side of the pond’ but a great album period.”

You can read the full review at http://lonesomehighway.com

Look out for interviews with Lou and Michael in upcoming issues of R2, Country Music Magazine and on Americana-uk.com in September.

MDC are back on the road in this Autumn with shows in Germany, Austria, Holland and the UK from late Sept – mid November. Full details here.