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19 Jan, 2015

Welcome one and all to the brand new MWK web site. Huge thanks to Ross Barber for doing such a great job with the design and layout (just like he did with My Darling Clementine) This site will be updated on a regular basis (yes, I promise), with all manner of stuff…new songs, musings, writing, videos, live clips, news of album releases, re-issues, and all concert updates for anything I am involved in. In fact, all the news that’s fit to print.

Winter today, summer tomorrow, forever European

29 Jun, 2016

Hello friends,

Welcome to the Clementine Summer newsletter. It is summer isn’t it? Are they rain clouds overhead, or is that just the darkness enveloping the UK after last weeks referendum. Like so many, we are stunned, shocked, & saddened that this has come to pass. What have we done?

Anyway, all that aside, lets enjoy music and the arts, strive for unity and caring, and make the best of the situation.

Here’s what’s been going on and here is what’s coming up in MDC world;


Thanks to everyone for your comments about the Record Store Day release. We are so glad you found a copy.

There are just a handful left so if you were not able to get one from your local independent record shop, then you can still buy one via the MDC store.

The Riverbend 10 inch vinyl EP contains 5 tracks, including 2 brand new songs (Eugene & Tear Stained Smile).


DYLAN / MOJO – Michael & Lou pledge their time.

The current issue of Mojo magazines features MDC on the cover mount cd (and also on the very tasteful double album vinyl version too).

You can hear the MDC track, our re-working of Pledging My Time, and read a review of the whole thing here.MOJO


We are currently midway through making the new album. We are back working with producer Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe) who produced How Do You Plead? and as ever we have an incredible collection of the most talented musicians. It is going very well, sounding fabulous and we can’t wait to share it with you.

But, we need your help for one final push to get us over the line.

We were blown away by your support of past projects, whether via the Pledge campaign or directly, and we have been immensely grateful and humbled by your generosity. THANK YOU. We do hope that seeing your name credited on our work went some way to express how much we’ve valued your involvement. We would be delighted if you’d consider continuing on the MDC journey with us, and become part of the executive production team again.

If you do feel so inclined, and wish to contribute £100 or more to the project, your name will indeed be credited on the album. You will also, of course, receive an advance signed copy.

If you wish to contribute £30 or more, you will receive a personalised, signed copy of the album ahead of release date.

Any smaller contributions are, of course, much appreciated and will be gratefully acknowledged. As indeed will larger ones!

Payments can be made via https://www.paypal.com/ to the MWK Music account – mwk1@blueyonder.co.uk

Please add your name and address when making the donation so we can be sure to make our personal thanks to you.

Of course, even if you choose not to donate we are still delighted to have your good spirit and support for our work! (Many thanks)


Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on the American East Coast in March and April. It was a great run, hugely enjoyable to share stages with Graham Parker and Brinsley Schwartz, and it was an honour to be in the same town as Bernie Sanders one night (Buffalo, NY), but not so Donald Trump (Hartford, CT). Here is a review from one of the shows we played with Graham in Natick, Mass.

With our main attention being on making the new album this summer, we are pretty much off the road for the time being. However we will be out in Holland and Germany in July and on tour in Scotland in September. Details of all shows can be found on our website.


HOUSE CONCERTS – Sharing the heartache in your living room.

We love playing House Concerts / Living Room Shows. They’re a completely different experience from a club or theatre show. Intimate, up close and very personal with no barrier between the performer and the audience.

Most of the people we have met in the house concert world were a little surprised at first to find that such a thing was even possible. Could it be that simple to open your living room to 50 or 60 friends and local music fans and then have a face from your record collection come to life, taking requests and meeting your kids and asking where to lay his coat? For a good while now, many touring musicians have found the joys and refuge in these kinds of shows.

It’s easy. You just contact your favourite touring troubadours, tell them how you want to do the show, offer up a date and you’ll most likely hear “yep, sounds great.” Sometimes you can fill up your audience with your pals and sometimes you can ask the musician to put the word out to his fans as well. No two house concerts are ever the same.

If you would like us to come and play one for you, just drop us a line.


If not doing so already PLEASE, PLEASE head over to the MDC Facebook page and hit ‘LIKE’. If you are on Twitter PLEASE go and follow us @My_Darling_Clem.

Lots of things get posted on there that don’t make the official website or newsletters. Links to our music, music we love, last minute gig updates, news from the road, embarrassing photos, all sorts of stuff in general. It’s the best way to keep keep in touch and to get the latest news on all things My Darling Clementine. Bring your friends too!

Thanks. Thanks for following, thanks for being there.

Keep well, keep dry, and lets try and keep positive, although it is damned hard to do so today.

Peace & Love,
Lou & Michael

My Darling Clementine’s East Side Story

17 Mar, 2016

Tickets for all shows on My Darling Clementine’s East Coast tour are now on sale:

East Side Story - Banner 4